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Here's some common questions our clients asked when they were deciding whether our advertising services were right for them

Advertising Can Be Scary

Basic FAQ's

Do these answer some of your basic questions?

How much does advertising with you cost?

Here at InfoAge, we try to work within whatever your advertising budget is. We look at what you're doing currently, find ways to improve it, and will suggest ways for it to be better, whether that be in strategy or in your budget.

Do you create custom advertising plans?

All of our plans are customized! While we do have specific packages with an overall campaign concept, we customize all of our proposals to fit your specific needs. The best advertising is YOUR advertising.

Can I pick multiple plans?

Of course you can! The more the merrier. Sometimes the best advertising campaigns you can do is to pair multiple campaign goals together to accomplish your goals.

What makes your different than other advertising agencies

While there are other great agencies out there, we believe that way other more tools and expertise in our marketing efforts. Our team consists of Google Certified Specialists, Facebook Certified Specialists, and World-Class Sales executives to help you streamline your advertising efforts.

How do you take payment for your services?

We work with you to find the best payment options for your advertising. While we don't typically arrange for partial payments, we do accept checks but can also set up an autopay program for your credit card.

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