Social Media Management

Facebook has more than 500 million active users. 50% of these active users log on to Facebook in any given day, and spend an average of 55 minutes using its services. Facebook users spend much more online than the average internet user. Every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. 4 Social Media Consulting can help you optimize your Facebook Fan Page and engage your targeted audience on Facebook in a way to progressively build a loyal fan base of potential customers.

And Facebook is only ONE piece of the Social Media puzzle.

Social Edge Campaign

Take advantage of every advertising dollar and ounce of effort other Christian campaigns spend on social marketing. Let their growth drive yours. Push your message directly to users actively engaged on other social media accounts.

Their members. Your Message. With the 2 Billion Social Network active users, expand your reach and take back market share with relevant engaged users.